Monday, February 20, 2006

Ft. Lauderdale's A1A marathon

Yesterday morning I went to cheer on runners at the Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon. A1A is a route that runs down Florida's coast, right next to the beach - its termination is down here in South Beach. I didn't know Ft. Lauderdale's A1A very well, but it was a beautiful morning, with plenty of inspiring running.

FLRC volunteers in grass skirts await the field Posted by Picasa

the first runner I saw, with police escort Posted by Picasa

a steady stream of determined runners Posted by Picasa

a female race leader near mile 5 Posted by Picasa

the sun rises over runners at Sunrise Blvd. Posted by Picasa

offering encouragement, near a big pink hotel Posted by Picasa

the half marathon race leader laps the pack Posted by Picasa

runners in all directions at NE 34th St. Posted by Picasa


alesh said...

I had no idea this existed. Seems like more fun then the Miami marathon, because you have a more tangible understanding of how much farther you need to go. I can relate to running towards southbeach, because I live here.

PS the beaches in Ft. Lauderdale are beautiful; one of the few places in florida, ironically, where you can see the beach/ocean from A1A.

Matt Heller said...

Yes, I was impressed. It's a smaller race, but still the scenery is beautiful. I'm thinking of trying to run in it next year - I'm not sure if they'll schedule it in hurricane season, as they originally did last year.

shuttey said...

i saw this one night wacthing tv. its like the iron man istnt it thats wat i want to do wen im older i live in england by the way get back to me at
cheers mate .