Thursday, February 28, 2008


On the way home from the airport this morning, my car spun out of control and collided with another car on the freeway. I was lucky that I had already turned almost completely around, so that he hit my passenger side, crushing in the door and a lot of the frame on that side. I was momentarily stunned, then realized I was still parked in the middle of the freeway at an awkward angle, so I slowly drove onto the shoulder.

After I had gotten the car to a somewhat safe position, I ran back to see the other guy. He had also pulled off the road, right in front of an exit sign, and was talking on his cell phone. It was around 5:30 am, so traffic on Dearfoot Trail was just starting to get heavy -- the snow had dumped in around 4, accompanied with some blustery freezing winds, which had created the nasty road conditions.

We sat down in his car while he made another phone call, trying to get a replacement at work. Just then, another car hit us -- this time, on the rear driver's side, and spun his car into the exit lane. Luckily, by this time a fire truck had pulled up and they quickly set up some cones to block off the area. We spent another hour waiting for police and tow trucks, and in the meantime two other minor collisions happened right behind us, thankfully also without injuries.

I just got home on a slow but uneventful bus ride, still reeling from all of this. My car, I'm pretty sure, is totaled -- and maybe my bank account too, after the insurance gets sorted out! The side of my car was so deeply impacted that I couldn't pry the glove compartment open, so I've only just been able to call my insurance company now to report it.

Luckily though, no one was hurt. I just have a couple bruises, and the driver who hit me bumped his head in the second collision, but not seriously. It was not a good morning to be on the freeway going south, apparently.


Joe Lewis said...

Yikes! Glad it wasn't worse!

I remember something like happening on the Mass Pike coming back from a gig in Worcester during a heavy blizzard. Everyone's just started slowly rotating around, until we were all motionless in various positions and angles, and then the cars from behind started plowing in.

Urn said...

Holy cow!

I'm glad to hear you're okay. Good luck out there!

The Peabody Double Bass Faculty said...

Scary stuff - I'm glad you're OK!

- Jeff Weisner.

PS I just blogged about you (not this incident, just generally) on PBDB.

Anonymous said...

This is not the sort of thing a father likes to find out about in a blog. Let's not forget about telephones, big guy.


ps, Thank god you are OK. Also, it was terrible news about Gilles.

Anonymous said...

I am a bass player in the Louisiana Philharmonic and I have been in two car accidents this year (in beautiful weather hit from behind both times!!!) & I strongly urge you to get yourself checked out for whiplash!!!! Its very serious for bass players - and get a lawyer. These things can surface AFTER the accident. Hope you are OK.
Best Wishes
Kirsty Matheson

Gabrielle said...

eek! so scary! i'm glad everyone's OK, though.

Lydia said...

Wow, what a year this has been for you. I'm glad you're ok.

Patty said...

Oh wow. I'm glad you're okay, but I agree with Kirsty; best to be checked out after something like that. I hope you are well, and that the insurance all works out for you.

I was in one accident where the car was totaled. NOT fun. (I was on the way to work, and of course the first thing out of my mouth when I got out of my car was, "Someone has to get this music to the concert hall! A performance is about to start!" Heh. We goofy musicians.

Do take care. I'm sorry this happened.