Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bottesini video

I haven't posted any video for a while, so here is the Bottesini concerto exposition. Any comments are appreciated -- hopefully I'll post a better in tune, complete version soon!


Richard Prowse said...

Great sound!
Well done!

Ira said...


Sounds really fantastic.
Thought I'd leave a few notes for you.
The lyricism is broken at times, and I think it has to do with your legato stroke. In order to keep the sound spinning at the end of notes, think about following through in your bow arm as if you are going to keep bowing beyond the tip or frog. I feel like you physically stop moving once you reach the end of a note or the tip/frog. Keep the body in motion. Your dynamics/color can be more varied by changing the bow speed. Sometimes I hear you keep the same weight and speed for a section of fast notes and I wonder if you are actually wanting that. Try shaping the phrases more.

I hope this is helpful.
Your bass sounds great.



Kevin Fagen said...

Hi Matt,
Your tone is good, and your energy and fluency are good starting 1/3 of the way in. I would try to get more of a big sound behind the little notes. There can be something witty and natural about the interchange between triplets and dotted notes w/ grace notes.