Thursday, August 07, 2008

all that wax

I've been living in Calgary for one year as of today, and just a couple weeks ago I moved into my third apartment during that time. I thought I was going to settle down and start living a normal life, but I seem to be just as nomadic as ever.

The bag of cotton swabs shown here was purchased, I believe, in a dollar store somewhere in Chicago in 2003. It has now resided at 11 different addresses, by my count -- that's including 5 different rooms at the New World Symphony's Plymouth Hotel, where people tend to swap frequently. Still, that's a lot of moving for a bag of cotton swabs. According to MapQuest, they've traveled at least 5,000 miles. And it still looks like about half the bag is left.

I'm determined to finish off those cotton swabs before I move again, though. Even if it means I have to clean my ears five times a day. Tina suggested I get some glue and build some cotton-swab architecture, bridges and buildings and stuff, and I think this is a good idea. Just as long as they don't leave this apartment, except covered with ear wax, glue or other gunk.

I think it's a worthy goal -- I'm not sure what the reward will be, other than a new (smaller) box of cotton swabs. Meanwhile, I'm also hoping to use up a bag of 100 "Glimma" tea lights from IKEA that's followed me for the past two moves - just 84 more to go!


Grokodile said...


I know this is well off topic, and who can ever beat earwax and Qtips as a conversation topic, but I've added your blog to our directory...

If you want to change your information, just add your site yourself and it will replace what I've put in.


Matt Heller said...

Thanks, Andrew! I'll be sure to check in and see what you're up to.

dollar store merchandise said...

i bought one of those Qtips bags at the dollar store a while ago this lasts a while you can find some really good finds in the dollar store. Im determined to finish them off too!