Thursday, June 16, 2005

the Isaac experience

Since I last wrote about my baby nephew Isaac, back in March, he has grown quite a bit. This evening I joined him, his father Elliot, and his other uncle Dan at Isaac's first baseball game. He spent most of the game sleeping and drinking, which was probably a wise choice, since baseball can get pretty boring. Still, as you can see from the picture I took as we entered the stadium, it was an exciting occasion for him.

Isaac gets ready to watch baseball Posted by Hello

It's very difficult to photograph and document a baby's first weeks - even though he does little except sleep, drink, cry, and wiggle around in someone's arms, he seems constantly to be changing and developing. I suppose it's not enough to just see or hear about a baby, you need to experience him, and I had never experienced a baby like this before meeting Isaac. It's been an amazing and joyful few days, and I'm very impressed at what great parents my sister and brother-in-law have become!

I last wrote about Isaac back in March, just after he was born, in a posting called "Isaac's first day".

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