Thursday, June 30, 2005

more Spoleto photos

Here are some more people I met at this year's Spoleto festival, beginning with some friends I made who share a connection to USC (the one in Southern California, not South Carolina):

Lydia, Ke, and Mike at Spoleto USA Posted by Hello

My brother Dan also went to USC, so I consider myself the genetic equivalent of a USC alum, though unfortunately I cannot present my DNA for student discounts. Lydia is a violinist who I first met at Tanglewood in 2002, and an enthusiast of James Joyce and Chinese opera. Ke is a bassoonist who recently won a position in the Detroit Symphony and is very adept at coining catch phrases. Mike is a clarinetist and a native Oregonian, as well as a lover of alphorn concertos (or at least Leopold Mozart's Sinfonia pastorella, the pinnacle of the genre.)

I also met Mary, a flutist who left the New World Symphony the year before I got there:

Mary with a painting of a church in CharlestonPosted by Hello

Mary introduced me to a great jazz singer named Rachel Farrell, and was kind enough to listen to me blather about Anita O'Day.

Many of my photos, like the one below, ended up with bizarre distorted blobs on people's faces:

please excuse the thing on Jason's chin Posted by Hello

Still, Jason is definitely a person worth noting, a violinist currently living in Texas but originally from Idaho. Like all the people mentioned here, neither the picture nor my pithy summary do him any justice. Best wishes to everyone anyway!

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jory said...

hey! hope things are going well. i just auditioned for spoleto again. Are you going to try for it again? What else are you up to these days? I'm auditioning for New World as well but it seems there aren't going to be many spots this year eh? Scary. We shall see. Talk to you later.