Friday, August 26, 2005

Hurricane Katrina passes through Miami

I stayed in Miami during the storm last night, which lasted several hours and knocked out the power. Our electricity just came back on - listening to the news this morning, I realize Katrina did a lot of damage elsewhere in the city. Here, things seem okay so far. People in my building used it as an excuse to have a hurricane party - I took some pictures which are unfortunately quite dark (see below).

I'm planning to travel to Tacoma today, if my flight is not cancelled. Katrina is now in the Gulf of Mexico, sulking around and reconstituting herself for an attack on the Gulf coast. Thanks for checking on me!

Dan flashes gang signs while struggling to keep a bag over his head Posted by Picasa

John looks at me like I'm the crazy person Posted by Picasa

Kristy enjoys the beach, and Dave's plastic covering Posted by Picasa

the next day's wreckage on 21st Street Posted by Picasa

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