Thursday, August 04, 2005

WCLV reviews Kent/Blossom's orchestra concert

Last Wednesday's orchestra concert was reviewed by two critics from Cleveland's classical music radio station WCLV 104.9. Their reviews are also published on the web; click here and scroll down to read them.

My favorite comment from Jerome Crossley's review is "what the pizzicato "Scherzando" section of the Allegro assai lacked in polish it made up for in pertness." Classical music critics love to damn with faint praise. The other WCLV reviewer, Kelly Ferjutz, writes that in Beethoven's Symphony no. 8 "the 27 string players were again evident, although seated differently than they had been for the first half." Thanks, Ms. Ferjutz - we do our best to be evident at all times. She had a terrific blurb for my roommate here, who was the concertmaster of the orchestra:
The first-chair violinist, Jakub Cernohorsky of the Czech Republic, exhibited all the makings of a future concertmaster. His solos were assured and tuneful.

my assured, tuneful roommate Jakub Posted by Picasa

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