Thursday, May 11, 2006

some grand ole digital photos

Earlier this week I visited Nashville, in hopes of winning a job in that city's orchestra. I didn't get the job, but I did bring back a bunch of digital photos.

When it comes to photography, I think I'm still looking for a personal style. I don't want to take the same photo every other tourist takes, but then again I don't want my images to seem so obscure that only a skilled psychoanalyst could interpret them. I apologize if the selections that follow might veer wildly between those extremes!

Here's the standard touristy shot of a high-rise over an attractive block of honty-tonk bars and barbeque joints.

This building first caused me to recoil in horror, before realizing that the senator and likely presidential candidate had lent his name to an elegant art museum. It was closed that day, though.

I liked the irony of the tiny dead-end "Bass Street," with the vacuum cleaner store in the background.

The Country Music Hall of Fame was a bit too pricey for me at $20 a ticket, but it was neat to see Ray Charles getting some more due recognition.

I saw way too many striking churches to photograph them all. Church towers always look best with from a steep upward angle, I think.

An image of racial harmony in a Southern diner's mural.

A small club called "The Basement", located below a nice independent record store called Grimey's. I heard two singer-songwriters named Kristen Cothron and Andy Davis, both excellent, and then a band called Bang Bang Bang. They were good too, but a little too loud for me.

Probably the nicest part of town is along West End Avenue, lined with green parks and the stately campus of Vanderbilt University.

One of the dingiest neighborhoods was just south of downtown. Still there were interesting sights, like this horse-drawn carriage available for rent.

There's something uplifting about a freshly painted fire hydrant, at least for me. This is a perception I share with many dogs.

Another view of that first intersection, taken while trying to avoid being run over.


mkh said...

Nice photos, Matt!

alesh said...

yeah, they're great. I like the Bass street and the mural.