Saturday, May 13, 2006

this is a music blog, really

I hope I haven't alienated any readers with my recent forays into non-musical subjects. I tend to take the view that the best subject for a blog is whatever the author happens to be thinking about on any given day. I realize that some might prefer thematic continuity, however, rather than random, wildly uneven free association. Sort of like the difference between a Mozart symphony and a 'Best of the 70's Rock' sampler, to use a musical analogy.

My only defense, unfortunately, is the way my mind works. Quite often my most interesting musical thoughts start with some completely unrelated subject. Whereas my thoughts on music might veer into wildly tangential directions. Please feel free to comment if you find anything objectionable, pointless, or just kind of weird.

I might have to keep myself more in line, since I've just been informed of my presence among the "Blognoggle Top 100 Classical Music Blogs." I'm not at all sure how I've earned such an honor, but the site is well worth checking out. The creator, Jerry Bowles, tracks all these blogs on one easy-to-read page. He also operates his own blog, the excellent Sequenza21, a clearinghouse for contemporary classical music news and reviews. This is what hella frisch might look like if I could actually keep my head on a single topic for a few minutes at a time. And come up with an attractive, intuitive design.

I'm not complimenting Jerry's work just because he listed me. It really is a fantastic site; I do love unsolicited recognition, though.

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