Monday, February 19, 2007

Spot's take on "The Academy"

A former New World colleague who blogs at "Spot's Doghouse" wrote a very thoughtful post reacting to the NY Times article, and putting the New World experience in perspective:

Being in NWS is like being in a really great relationship. She's fun, she's hot, she's young, and she's fantastic at what she does.

But at the end, whether that's three years or four, she is going to dump you for someone younger; someone new. You can't marry her. It's not an option. She was up front with you about that when you signed your letter, packed up your stuff, hopped in the car, and drove to Miami.

She'll let you move in. She won't charge you rent. She'll even be your sugar mommy while you're there. But no marriage.

And so you are left with two choices: she can dump you. Or you can dump her. There are no in-betweens. So in that regard, I am glad that I got to be the dumper.

While many fall into the habit of comparing NWS to a type of postgraduate residency, it isn't like medical school. Nobody's waiting at the end of the rainbow to hand you a job. There is no guarantee of employment.

It's more like being handed a parachute and being told to jump out of a plane. The ride is exhilarating, and the parachute will definitely open - but you've still got to guide it to the target. Being in NWS improves your ability to aim, but it's still up to you to find your way as close to the bullseye as you can.

I like both of Spot's analogies - both are definite improvements over "death row", Aaron Merritt's quote in the article. (He was a bit sorry that got in there!) We all land somewhere - it's just a matter of where, and how soon. A lot of the drama in the article, and in our lives, is that feeling of being in limbo, and watching all sorts of possible outcomes unfold. It seems like Spot's experience was mostly a positive one, and I'm glad he landed safely - and can write about it with such eloquence!

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