Sunday, February 18, 2007

thoughts and clarifications

Some more thoughts and clarifications about Dan Wakin's article:

  • The excerpt I was playing too slowly in the beginning of the article was Beethoven 5th, 2nd movement. Jeff Turner was right - Karajan's tempo on his 1963 recording is 75 to the eighth note, and I was routinely playing it around 72.
  • Scott Dixon, who is the real hero of my audition story, was a member of the New World bass section my first year. I wrote about that bass section and about Scott in particular.
  • This photo was from that year, and shows NWS fellows (from upper left) Alberto Suarez, Sean O'Hara, me, Katie Wyatt, Ebonee Thomas, Fritz Foss, Scott Dixon, and Elspeth Lacy, sailing on Biscayne Bay
  • Rebekah Heller, pictured in the article on page 24, is not related to me. She is the bassoonist who Dan Wakin describes as "a small, spiky-haired young woman in white cowboy boots and cutoff jeans who was harrumphing on a contrabassoon."
  • We don't often roast pigs at the Plymouth. ("Fellows loaf around the patio, where the occasional keg party or pig roast takes place.") We do, however, have an annual Oktoberfest during which a pig is traditionally roasted.
  • Dan Wakin sat in on two mock auditions I played for Jeff Turner, and later we talked for a long time in Miami, standing backstage. However, most of the quotes he used were from two long phone conversations while I was in Buffalo.
  • During the first phone interview I was in my hotel room, after advancing in the prelims. When he called the second time, I was walking around Buffalo, dejected after getting cut in semis. I was standing in the cold shivering, but somehow talking to Dan Wakin was cheering me up, and I spent 40 minutes more telling him my story that afternoon. Altogether the interviews probably lasted about 2-3 hours, which left me a bit worried about my cell phone bill that month.


sandor_baci said...

A bit of a NEW YORKER profile, wasn't it? Partly of the NWO, partly of you - or of you as the lens through which the NWO experience was to be studied. You came out of it well, Mrs Dunne notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

We're in trouble here, Matt. The second movement of Beethoven 5 has a metronome mark from the composer of eighth=92. So why were you presenting it at an audition almost 25% more slowly than that? That's bad, dude, and it's no wonder the guy said what he did....