Sunday, October 16, 2005

Oktoberfest pictures

Last weekend's Oktoberfest was a rousing success despite periodic rain squalls. After compiling these pictures, I noticed that bass player James is strangely ubiquitous - it seems fitting, though, since James is "Festmeister designate," replacing timpanist Alex Orfaly, the chief organizer of this year's party.

8:30 am - James and the giant pig Posted by Picasa

4 pm - preparations underway Posted by Picasa

8 pm - the party continues, the pig doesn't Posted by Picasa

8:30 pm - Raging Wurst get raunchy Posted by Picasa

11 pm - decorations unravel, partygoers perseverePosted by Picasa

souvenirs: t-shirt, beer stein, hangover (not pictured) Posted by Picasa

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scrappy17 said...

hey matt , just happened to stumble upon your page . it is pretty cool. drop me a line some time. i am sorta new at this thing