Monday, October 17, 2005

blogs, kids, MTT, and mockery

Welcome to visitors new to hella frisch, and many thanks for the recent links posted on Miami Beach 411 by Gus and on San Bei Ji by Joe. Today on San Bei Ji, Joe lamented the dwindling usefulness of Technorati as irrelevant blogs clog the search process. That's too bad, since one of the cool things about the blogosphere has always been the possibility of finding people living a continent away who share one's obsessions. I've actually never met Joe in person, yet I've been able to get to know him quite well, enjoy his musical epiphanies, sympathize with his technical frustrations, etc. - San Bei Ji rates much higher than #208,844 in my book, no matter what Technorati may say.

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Highlights of this coming week for me include a kids' concert next weekend, audition masterclasses with MTT, and a mock audition on Wednesday. I've been appointed the coordinator for New World's official mock auditions, which happen every month or so and feature guest artists as panelists, a screen, and comments. I want them to be as realistic as possible, so I am going for an atmosphere of serious professionalism tinged with senseless bureaucracy. I probably won't get to say the speech - "the committee wishes to thank everyone, they appreciate all your time and expense to be here, and they have decided to not advance anyone from this group - have a good day" - but I'm thinking of scheduling people in hourly groups, and then making them draw numbers and practice together in a cramped green room. Somehow auditions seem to bring out my sadomasochistic tendencies.

I'll probably have more to write about these subjects later in the week....

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