Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Wilma's wrath cut me off while posting the other day, which might have left the disturbing impression that I had just been blown off to sea while furiously clutching at my keyboard. Actually, I'm all right, just without electrical power at my apartment. Power was restored yesterday on Lincoln Road, where the New World Symphony's office and rehearsal spaces are located, so we have an incentive to come in and practice.

Posted by PicasaIt's been a fascinating few days, learning what South Beach looks like without the glare of electrical lights, how it sounds without the hum of air conditioning and the blare of techno music. Actually the techno was restored alarmingly quickly - I went out on Monday evening and found that some restaurants on Ocean Drive had already reopened, and one had a Lexus parked in front with its windows open, playing - what else? - loud techno.

In all seriousness, it has been a nice camping trip at home, being able to see the stars and get a couple of full nights' sleep. Sure I miss refrigeration, and all those other little comforts of electricity, but it feels silly complaining too much - I was probably one of the lucky ones in this hurricane.

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Joe said...

When I was living in Boston, we had a nice whopper of a Nor'easter ('91, I think) that did a great job of covering the city in snow, then raining just enough to make slush, and then finishing up by freezing everything into a nice solid ice pack. The city was frozen solid and no one was coming in or out for a couple of days. Signposts and car antennae stuck out of the glacier that ran down Westland Ave and into the Fen. There was this perfectly serene silence in the city, with the absence of traffic and people, the dampening effect of the snow, and the general lack of anything to do except practice and drink beer.