Monday, October 03, 2005

blogger / frogger?

Last evening after a nice dinner party and a lot of wine, I was persuaded to go out "frogging" on the Miami Beach golf course. After a rain storm, the frogs come out in droves - actually toads, as reptile loving oboist Dwight explained. Along the way to the golf course we stopped at the Holocaust Memorial, where Dwight showed an almost parental concern for some tadpoles which had inadvertently beached themselves.

enjoying a damp evening in Miami Beach Posted by Picasa

Apparently it is very enjoyable holding a toad in your hands, feeling it puff up to full size and then gradually deflate as it resigns itself to being fondled. Part of the reason I brought my camera along was so I would have an excuse not to handle any frogs personally. Those who did, like Aimee below, seemed to have a great time, though, and I suppose the toads were no worse for it.

the toad is also grinning, just not noticeably Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Almost haiku:

That is a beautiful little toad.

Please pat him carefully and do not drop him.