Friday, September 30, 2005

blogger / jogger

I noticed there's been a lack of visual interest on hella frisch lately (colorful text excepted), so I decided to bring a camera on my run this morning and photograph the sunrise from various points on the beach.

6:52 am - beginning the run at 21st St. Posted by Picasa

6:58 - a couple watch at 10th St. Posted by Picasa

7:12 - a vacant lifeguard stand at 1st St. Posted by Picasa

7:13 - a ship (and jogger) at the end of the beach Posted by Picasa

7:19 - at 5th St., heading back north Posted by Picasa

7:31 - leaving the beach again, at 21st St. Posted by Picasa


JaG said...

Hi! I'm on a quest to leave 100 comments in the blogosphere and you're #19!!

I love the colors in these pictures.

Lydia Si-Ngaw Lui said...

These photos of the sunrise are beautiful- they motivate me to get up early, because the morning is such an optimistic time of day that is often not cherished enough, particularly by party-loving musicians...hope you had a great day.

Gabriel Hurley said...

Your photographs of the sunrise are beautiful.

Matt Heller said...

Thanks so much for your positive reactions! I promise I will get up early and take more sunrise pictures, one of these days...