Tuesday, September 20, 2005

but how much will it cost to shut me up?

Most people who have read hella frisch or spent any time talking with me will have noted my tendency to cite articles from The New Yorker magazine at the slightest provocation. This annoying habit may soon get worse.

As NPR's Morning Edition reports today, the magazine is about to publish 80 years of back issues on DVD. The asking price is $100, but I found it on sale at amazon.com for just $63 - not bad, since that works out to less than 1.6 cents per issue. How I expect to actually read those 4,000 issues, I'm not sure - maybe I'll quit sleeping.

For anyone not too familiar with The New Yorker, you can always read a sampling from the current issue on the magazine's website. I especially recommend Paul Rudnick's Shouts and Murmurs piece, "Intelligent Design".

There is a website offering a year's subscription to the magazine for just $18, which seems absurdly cheap: www.unitedmagazinedealers.com. I can't vouch for its legitimacy yet, but I'm hoping it's for real!

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Lydia Si-Ngaw Lui said...

so, $60 bucks or so would stop the new yorker blabber virus in matt heller? maybe we can all chip in! :) i for one know that the new yorker provides a great service for many a person trying to forestall a rather lengthy conversational silence and provides the less confident with a path to becoming a strong, secure social individual. hey if 18 dollars a year is true, sign me up! i myself have unknowingly stumbled upon this very technique as well. way to go new yorker! you've cured me of my flagging social insecurity!