Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday evening on South Beach Posted by Picasa


LSL said...

This is a silly question, but how can you get a picture on the blog to become larger after clicking on it, as opposed to reducing it to the size of dust (like mine)? Any help would be appreciated.

Matt Heller said...

Okay, this answer is going to make me sound like a complete techie nerd. But if you use the same photo sharing program I do, which is called Hello: you have to log in, and click on something called "BloggerBot". (If you're like me, BloggerBot will be listed as your only friend, so it will be easy to find.)

You can now pull down a menu on the top of the screen called "Blogger" and select "Settings". It will let you choose something called "Archive Image Size" - try choosing 640 pixels. If that doesn't, I'm not sure.

Good luck though!

LSL said...

Thanks for the help! I thought you might tell me to rewrite some computer code- which would fulfill my idea of a technie nerd (though that would have been cool). I have changed the settings, though I think it may only work on future pictures posted, as opposed to retroactively changing all the archived photos. So I'm not entirely sure if it worked yet or not.
I'll have to just put more pictures up and see.