Wednesday, April 04, 2007

where's the story?

I am sure that many people are waiting to hear all about the audition in Calgary, and I wanted to let you know that I haven't forget about all of you, and I am still planning on writing about that day quite a bit! I've told the story to several people now, both in person and via e-mail, and the problem is that every time I tell it, I feel compelled to include every detail I can remember, so that what might have been a simple and pleasing story ("Prelims. Advanced! Semis. Advanced again! Finals. Yay!") telescopes into something interminable and exhausting ("And then I noticed that my left pinkie was trembling, right around the second knuckle, and I remembered that Don Greene passage I had read last Thursday....")

I'm concerned that once I do start to tell the story here, it's going to turn into a massive case of blogorrhea, stretching over several days. Maybe that's okay with some people though, I don't know - or maybe those hella frisch readers not obsessed with bass auditions (I know you are out there, though I sometimes can't imagine why!) will just find it a convenient opportunity to tune out for a bit.

Anyway, I'm putting some thought into the whole question of how best to blog my audition - maybe I should break up the narrative with a series of photographs and illustrations, like Jason Heath! - though unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries and I'm not sure how entertaining stick figures playing bass excerpts would be.

In the meantime, as I figure out all these quandaries, thanks for putting up with all of my meandering posts! You guys are the best blog readers ever - sometimes the second knuckle on my left pinkie trembles just thinking about you all!


Jeff said...

Here's a story from the other side of the curtain at the CPO audition.

In the first two groups, only the last person to play was any good at all. In the third group, 3 candidates in a row impressed enough to advance. In the second round I believe you clearly emerged as the favourite. In fact, one person on the committee said that you made them enjoy the Van Hal.

I felt already by the second round that you were the person I would most enjoy sitting next to in the section.

That is basically what it boils down to I think; the committee will want the person who gives the strongest impression that they belong in the section, and that was you. Your sound was very pleasing and you portrayed a very clear sense of solidity in all aspects of your playing. I can't think of a more important set of factors than that for this job.

Anonymous said...

Belated congratulations on your accomplishment. I am a rank amateur bass player in a community orchestra and can't imagine the pressure that must come with doing this for a living. From reading your blog I can tell you're a sincere and dedicated musician, and you deserve this reward for all the hard work.

Bill said...

Very interesting to see what was observed from "the other side".

Better a verbose discussion than an abbreviated one...