Sunday, August 05, 2007

on the way to Calgary: Salt Lake City

This morning I started the last leg of my move from Miami to Calgary - starting from my parents' house in Las Vegas. You can't really see into the car in this picture, but it's completely packed with stuff, right up to my big clunky stool in the passenger seat. So far the trip has been good. I passed through all these incredible mountains in Arizona and Utah, and tonight I'm staying in Salt Lake City. Here are some pictures from the hotel parking lot:

A lot of my summer so far has been about reconnecting with people and places - I've gotten to see some good friends for the first time since high school, and I've gotten to visit my family all over the country, including my baby niece Ori in Virginia. I'd forgotten how powerful it is to be surrounded by mountains, the sense of wonder and grandeur that these places create. Not that Florida doesn't have its share of wonders as well!

Now that I'm on my way up to Calgary and getting underway with the new job, I'm hoping to pick up with this blog again too. I have lots of notes and ideas to write up - most are crammed in boxes in the back of the car. I get rusty after not writing for a while, though. Better to warm up with a few pictures, and not get too ambitious for a while!

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Joe Lewis said...

Have fun out there!!