Tuesday, September 18, 2007

infinite Jason

Most mornings at 7:15 am, I won't have 5 ideas in preparation for blog posts. In fact, I probably won't even remember I have a blog. That's one difference between me and Jason Heath.

Amid Jason's ongoing quest to chronicle, link, interview, video tape, and generally charm the pants off every bass player in existence, it's sometimes possible to forget that Jason is a wickedly awesome bass player himself. Consider this a reminder.

Jason and I go way back - he tells the stories better than I do, though I'm not sure he's done the one about the melting alarm clock yet. Or the late night bass abduction in St. Petersburg. Maybe I'll have to write some content of my own after all.

Jason was also the one who introduced me to the David Foster Wallace novel Infinite Jest - this huge, kaleidoscopic book about psychedelic drugs, film-making, a tennis academy, and I'm not sure what else. In retrospect, the book seems like a sort of model for Jason's blog (though he hasn't started footnoting his footnotes yet). If Jason ever feels the need to rename his blog, I might respectfully suggest "Infinite Bass."

I don't often link to Jason's blog, not for lack of content (obviously) but mostly assuming that anyone reading here is already familiar with his site. If you're not, hurry on over - you've got a lot of catching up to do.

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Joe Lewis said...

I hear that... I usually post oh once every two weeks if that, and my content is usually pretty insipid. But I tune in to Jason's blog almost daily. What marks Jason's blog is that it is focused on a particular subject which we all know and love, it is frequently updated with meaningful content, and that he and his guest collaborators are engrossed with creating content for it.