Friday, November 30, 2007

Bach OS2 video

While at New World, I talked with performance coach Don Greene about using more video in my practice. He said that it's not for everybody, that watching your own playing can be rather tough on the ego, but it's definitely a useful exercise - and he suggested I try some different camera angles, not just the straight frontal shot I normally use.


So here's my first experiment with an over-the-shoulder camera angle, which Don Greene also suggested. It's about as close as I could get to a bassist's-eye view, without removing my head. I'm playing two movements from the Bach Orchestral Suite No. 2, the Double and Badinerie, with a baroque German bow loaned to my by the Calgary Bach Society. I'm still getting used to the light, whippy feel of the thing.

Recording this video so close to my head, it really makes me realize I need to work on calming my breathing. It's lovely though to not have to watch any strange facial expressions - or worry about combing my hair.


Gottagopractice said...

That was fascinating. I've never seen a recording from that viewpoint before.Very interesting to see the left hand fingers and thumb working together.

Brian said...

What kind of digital camera do you use? It's probably just your playing, but the sound quality is great - I've tried one mini-dv camcorder and the sound was marginally better than an older analog camcorder. Thanks for the terrific posts!

Stan Haskins said...

These vlogs are great - keep doing them, I enjoy checking out your playing!

Glenn said...

NIce job dude ! Keep up the good work

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