Monday, November 19, 2007

"Bourne Identity" meets "Three's Company"

A couple of weeks ago I was complaining about the lack of CIA thrillers involving orchestral musicians - apparently someone in Hollywood agreed with me, way back in 1985:

In The Man With One Red Shoe, Tom Hanks portrays a typical orchestral violinist named Richard: he lives in a luxurious old house in Washington, D.C., never learned to drive a car, teaches 12-year-olds while lying on the couch in his bathrobe, and is having an affair with flutist Paula (Carrie Fisher), wife of timpanist Morris (Jim Belushi).

The movie is more sitcom than thriller, though there are some grisly scenes of CIA dupes getting all their teeth extracted and nearly drowning in a sewer. Back in 1985, you could still make a light, screwball comedy about CIA torture. Strangely, this movie was a remake of another spy comedy involving a violinist: The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe.


Anonymous said...

In the 007 movie "The Living Daylights" the Bond girl plays the cello....

Stan Haskins said...

Tom Hanks makes me physically ill.