Monday, October 27, 2008

teach the blogger

My idea was that I would post a short practice video -- in this case, I'm working on the intro to the Bach 5th Suite Prélude -- and then people could give me comments, suggestions, etc. Then the following week, I could record the piece again and maybe post it for a little before-and-after progress report.

This idea was inspired by an incredibly useful comment from Ira after a video post I wrote back in March. I seem to have never acknowledged all of Ira's great comments -- thank you so much!

1 comment:

rxbach said...

Hey Matt! Thanks for posting the video, it was fun watching you play again :)

As far as comments go, I'm underqualified to say anything and it sounded great anyhow (sorry, knowing you that's probably not what you wanted to hear)...but that was a really cool idea.

Hope you're doing well!