Sunday, April 24, 2005

seven unnatural wonders of South Beach

  1. Sand castle on Ocean Drive at 9th street Like all good South Beach landmarks, the sand castle is continually changing, periodically destroyed and rebuilt anew. At night, it is illuminated by torches and the continual flash photography of tourists. I like to visit it in the daytime as well; there is someone posted there 24 hours to guard it from sand castle marauders.

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  3. Pizza Rustica There are better meals to be had in South Beach, but none for just $4! Pizza Rustica is a staple for New World musicians and others looking for a quick, inexpensive, very filling meal. My favorite is topped with arugula, olives, and other good stuff.

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  5. The Holocaust Memorial People are always a little flustered when they see the big claw-like hand sticking up next to Dade Blvd., and even more disturbed when they get closer and look at the sculptures of emaciated people writhing in pain. Flustering and disturbing people is kind of the point when it comes to Holocaust remembrances, though.

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  7. New World Symphony I have to include my orchestra here. You won't see what's so wonderful about it though unless you come to hear a concert!
  8. plastic surgery No pictures here, as this is a family blog.
  9. view of Miami skyline at night Miami's skyline may not be the most classically majestic, but it takes on an enhanced beauty at night thanks to the lighting. There are many great places on South Beach to see the lights of downtown Miami, including the Venetian Causeway.
  10. the beach itself The beach is man-made, with perfect artificial white sand. Plenty of people seem to enjoy it natural or not, though, and seeing the sun rise on the beach is an all natural and always beautiful experience!

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