Saturday, April 16, 2005

Zoe's birthday

This past week, my sister Zoe celebrated her 30th birthday by changing diapers and trying to quiet down her labradoodle. That's what she was doing when I called her, anyway, though she may have had some cake and blown out candles later on. This has been a very exciting month for Zoe, and her life has changed completely, but it's a little hard to find out how she feels about it amidst all the crying and barking going on around her. I shouldn't make fun of her noisy, busy (and happy) life too much, since I was also rushing around when I called her, trying to get to a rehearsal on time and avoid getting hit by a bus.

I last saw Zoe last summer, but everyone in our family has been planning pilgrimages to go visit her and baby Isaac soon, and I will probably follow them in the next couple of months. The closest I can get for now is an occasional phone call or a visit to their ever-interesting web photo gallery.

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