Thursday, July 14, 2005

a 187 on Otis

Otis, after last night's shooting spree Posted by Picasa

There was a knock on my door early this morning - it was still dark out, and at first I thought I was just dreaming, but I got up and went to the door, and there was a woman there asking if I was Matt Heller. Did I own a white Suzuki parked outside? Yes, I did - that was Otis the Barbiemobile, the '99 Vitara that I inherited from my sister.

Otis had been shot.

Someone went on a shooting spree with a b.b. gun last night in the Kent State parking lot, and Otis was one of several victims. I'm not sure how many, but when I called the auto glass place this morning, the woman who answered the phone said, "Oh, another one of those?"

Oddly, the parking lot where this took place is just a short distance from the site where Ohio National Guard officers shot thirteen demonstrating Kent State students, killing four. Not to compare that shooting with this one, which was probably perpetrated by some dumb kid, who doesn't seem to have been demonstrating anything except that guns are cool. .

Otis is scheduled to get a new back windshield tomorrow afternoon.

Otis' view of the damage Posted by Picasa

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