Saturday, July 09, 2005

not so fast!

now if only I could get Gilles to do something about the writing.... Posted by Picasa

Last week I installed this thingy from a website called statcounter on my blog, which is able to tell me all kinds of interesting things about the people visiting hella frisch. Don't worry, I'm not going all Big Brother on you, and I'm not going to hack into your computer and take control of your kitchen appliances. Not that I couldn't, I'm just above using my powers for evil.

I did learn a lot, though: for instance that I'd been linked to by a website called, which praised a posting I wrote in these lofty terms: His list is good. Also, that the average hella frisch visitor stays for approximately 1.7 seconds. Interestingly enough, however, last week, when I had posted a picture of my brother's cute dog Gilles, that "sticky quotient" (that's what I like to call it, anyway) was up significantly, to something like 4.6 seconds.

Obviously, this calls for some serious research - the blog-surfing community is hungry for eye candy, but exactly what type of eye candy do they prefer? Cute puppies, sexy women, comically self-impressed red-haired guys? In the interests of science and self promotion, I've decided to compare the stickiness quotients of:
  1. another picture of Gilles
  2. some beautiful women who are friends of mine in swimsuits
  3. a somewhat pale red-headed guy, also a good friend (until now?), also in a swimsuit
As you can see, the experiment has already begun, and your visit has made an invaluable contribution to the advancement of socio- blogological research. Those other pictures will have to wait until I can get my friends' permission. I already got Gilles' permission - he said it was fine as long as I rubbed his tummy afterwards.

I plan to post the results here after my little study, if that will induce anyone to return. If not, please keep a careful watch on your toaster oven.

Gilles has appeared twice previously on hella frisch, July 1st and March 29th.

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