Tuesday, November 29, 2005

critical props

Thanks to Critical Miami for including hella frisch in a recent round-up of South Florida bloggers, and for a frank assessment of my "hideous" template design. It was humbling to find myself listed next to the Miami Herald's Elisabeth "Infomaniac" Donovan and other great writers (with non-hideous templates).

My efforts to find a suitable template alternative were frustratingly unsuccessful, though I did manage to tack on this bizarre bass picture. Please let me know if this is even more hideous than before. One of the great things about the Blogger service is that it's completely free to use. I realized, though, that there is a reason why people spend a lot of money on website design - it's no easy task to find a design that is attractive, original, and easy to use, and trying to write html code myself seems like a recipe for disaster. I should have realized that good design is a valuable commodity, since my twin brother Dan designs websites for a living, as an employee of the University of Southern California. He's very good at what he does, as you can see if you visit their site - though I'm not sure he'd be willing to help me with my hideous little hobby here.

I'll write a post here soon about a very South Beach topic: my ongoing search for a good yoga instructor. Please visit again!


mkh said...

Yeah, getting a decent design is a tough task without dropping some cash on the problem. I recently fixed mine after a couple of years of kvetching about it.

Nice site, by the way. I look forward to continued reading.

Joe said...

I like the design. The new bass pic is great!

Gus said...

"I'll write a post here soon about a very South Beach topic: my ongoing search for a good yoga instructor."

Have you tried Bikrams Yoga on Ocean Drive? Some people call it sweaty yoga. The class is 90 minutes long and they keep the tempertaure of the room really, really hot. The class is not for everyone. The yoga studio smells kind of bad, but the class os definitly a workout. If you go, bring lots of water and an extra towel.