Wednesday, November 16, 2005

new lenses

I just got my camera back from the wonderful people at the Canon Factory Service Center in Elk Grove Village, IL. I've never before had anything fixed, for free, under warranty, and so it seems like some kind of magical good fortune to have my camera back and restored to full functioning.

The camera broke just after taking these pictures on South Beach on October 25th. Hurricane Wilma left the beach transfigured, even the light and cool temperatures seemed fresh and new. The most obvious effects, though, were on the lifeguard stands.
sun rising on a transfigured beach Posted by Picasa

knocked sideways on 17th St. Posted by Picasa

going topless at 15th street Posted by Picasa

toppled at 13th St. Posted by Picasa

Note the temperature, shown in the background of the photo above: an unseasonably cool 57 degrees. It's warmed up considerably since then, leaving me longing for autumn, though not for any more hurricanes.

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