Saturday, April 01, 2006

Edgar plays Performance Today

I noticed that Edgar Meyer made a live appearance on NPR's music program "Performance Today" yesterday - here's a link. The host Fred Child was maybe laying the compliments on a little thick; Edgar replied with his typical humility.

Fred Child: A solo for double bass called "Pickles"! Edgar Meyer wrote that and played it for us here in the NPR studios. Edgar, there's so much going on there, there are a lot of places where it would be hard to write down the music because your left hand is sliding up and down so fast - every note is either a slide up or a slide down in some places.

Edgar Meyer: I certainly would be one to say there's no point in notating it - that's part of the fun. Actually, like in improvising, sometimes you're sliding and you don't know where you're going... you don't even want to know. You hope you can get to a good one, and if you get to a bad one, you want to act like it was a good one and quickly move to another one.

FC: Just like life, you keep on going until you get where you need to be!

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