Friday, April 28, 2006

Goodbyes to Pat and Admiral

Please pardon my recent negligence - I seem to have caught some sort of spring fever, a week of shiftless, flustered, overwhelmed franticness, without really getting anything done. What with the always increasing volume of online reading material, I'm very flattered that anyone still takes the time to stop and check here, and I'll do my best to honor that attention soon!

In the meantime I want to offer my farewells and congratulations to Pat Nott and Admiral Ferguson, two members of the New World Symphony "family" who are leaving as of this week. Both Pat and Admiral contribute so much to the organization, both in terms of personality and productivity, that it's difficult to imagine things without them. Pat Nott is our Dean of Musicians, which means that she serves as supervisor, advisor, cheerleader, and occasionally substitute mother to everyone in the orchestra. Admiral worked on the stage crew as lighting engineer, and was a constant, helpful, and uplifting presence at rehearsals and concerts. So even though Pat and Admiral may receive few standing ovations or ecstatic reviews, they are both fabulous performers, and they will be quickly and intensely missed.

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