Tuesday, April 18, 2006

more media exposure for bassist Ben Allison

One of my favorite radio programs is WNYC's On The Media - check out their website for lots of nifty archived stories, or to find out where you can listen or subscribe to the free podcast. Each week OTM takes an hour-long look at the stories making news, and the newspeople making those stories. Hosts Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone set a smart, sardonic yet thoughtful tone, and they do some great reporting and interviews themselves.

Equally important to the show's tone and feel is the music which stitches together the segments, by bassist/composer Ben Allison. OTM uses excerpts from Allison's albums Riding the Nuclear Tiger and Buzz, but this past week a new Ben Allison album was released: Cowboy Justice. Allison keeps his ear to the ground as well as the groove, and the album's title is intended as a political statement. Glowing reviews have already appeared in the NY Times and on AllAboutJazz.com; the latter quotes Allison saying, “It is American music. It is world music ... It's a reminder of why America is a great idea. It's a reflection of this country the way I see it and of its place in the world, not of how it's been recast.”

I've only heard short samples, but I hope to hear the album in its entirety soon; maybe it will also give OTM some new material to use. Thanks to bassist blogger Dale Cruse for the link - and for a fantastic website covering all sorts of bassists.

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Dale Cruse said...

My pleasure. Perhaps our weblogs can help feed each other more now and in the future.