Wednesday, May 16, 2007

letters, stories, and housekeeping

Thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting on my Calgary audition story! I'll have another installment later today, and then maybe one more to wrap it up before the weekend.

In the meantime, check out Michael Hovnanian's CSO Bass Blog, for the latest part of our inter-blog dialogue on transitioning to life in a professional orchestra. This week, Michael answers my question about standards of preparation and sight-reading - I was really curious about this topic, because I am trying to become a better sight-reader, without sacrificing all that intense and detailed practice we do for auditions. Michael has a great answer, and manages to reference art forgery, rock climbing, and a cringe-worthy audition story of his own.

Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog also linked to an older post I wrote, "eavesdropping on a French horn god." I had forgotten I wrote this, but I think it has some excellent advice - and as one reader pointed, even the typos are pretty good.

One last piece of housekeeping news: I'm going to the ISB Bass Convention in Oklahoma City next month! It's being held at Oklahoma City University's Bass School of Music - just in case you needed a little more bass. I'm looking forward to meeting some people, hearing some performances and talks, and probably blogging about it as well. If you're planning on coming, please drop me a message or say hello if you see me. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

It's actually the "Bass" school, as in the fish. I am a bassist at Oklahoma City University and I hope you enjoy the convention! I'll try and spot you!