Sunday, December 11, 2005

feed the frisch

I recently noticed my Gmail account is now operating little web clips above my inbox, and asking me if I want to replace the boring, generic default clips with those of my friends. That's right, I have a friend who has an 'RSS feed' (two, actually): Joe Lewis of

I now have one too, so if you are feeling intrepid, you can get little hella frisch updates while checking your e-mail. Just go to 'Settings' on the top of the Gmail page, click the tab for 'Web Clips,' and enter the following gobbledygook in the box under 'Search by topic or url:'

I promise this won't allow me to read your e-mail or spy on your internet predilections. It may just add a little hella frisch to your day, though, without having to read the whole thing.

Happy feeding!

1 comment:

Joe said...

Hey cool - I have two? :D