Tuesday, January 03, 2006

arbitrary beginnings

The whole new year celebration seems somewhat arbitrary - we randomly choose a moment in the middle of the night, on a day in the middle of winter, and assign to this new year a number we've also chosen. No matter, though, it seems to work for a lot of people, and if we need a ritual or a big party to help us start things anew, then so be it. Nature seems to find ways constantly to start things anew with or without our help, and so Sunday was an excuse for me to bike up to Miami's Haulover Beach and watch the sun rise on a new day, and a new year.

6:50 am - colorful skies at 74th St. Posted by Picasa

7:05 - arriving at Haulover Beach Posted by Picasa

7:11 am - the first sliver of sun Posted by Picasa

7:14 am - climbing through the clouds Posted by Picasa

7:19 - setting sail (or wings?) on the new year Posted by Picasa

7:22 am - fishing at dawn Posted by Picasa

7:22 am - some birds also watch the sunrise Posted by Picasa

7:25 am - another photographer shoots some newlyweds Posted by Picasa

7:32 am - leaving the beach Posted by Picasa


Joe said...

I say that any excuse to party is a good one. But this year I was in bed by 10... ;-)

mkh said...

So you were, what, 50 yards from me and you couldn't say hello?

Nice photos, by the way.

Matt Heller said...

My apologies - mkh is Marc Kevin Hall, who blogs at Hidden City and was my inspiration to get out of bed early on New Year's Day (and leave a pretty good party just after midnight the night before) to watch the sunrise. On reaching the beach, though, I realized I had no clue what mkh looks like - and I was too shy to approach a stranger and mention our blogging rendezvous.

mkh said...

Like I said privately, no need to apologize. Perhaps it would help if you read my comment with a yenta's voice, the way I heard it in my head?

Besides, I'm flattered that you thought the idea was worth implementing, and leaving a good party to do so, no less!