Saturday, January 28, 2006

running the ING

I'll be running the Miami Marathon tomorrow morning, my third time running the race. This year, rather than "The Toyota Prius Miami Tropical Marathon" it's being called the "ING Miami Marathon". ING is a big Dutch bank and insurance corporation, which doesn't sound quite as fast or cool as the Toyota Prius. I'm not sure I'll be as fast or cool as I was last year either, though. My training has been hindered by an audition, a cold, and a broken toe last week.

Still, if you're in Miami and up early tomorrow, I'll be number 104; and I'll be grateful to anyone cheering or spraying me with water. Here are my stats from 2005:

Gun / Chip: 3:05:22 / 3:05:18

Overall: 44 /5934

Sex: 38/1184

Div.: 6/84

10K: 0:41:42

Half: 1:30:30

30K: 2:08:31

Final: 3:05:18

Pace: 7:04 / mile

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